Dig some galleries and find things hidden in the belly of the Earth.

IMPORTANT: Fossils is meant to be accompanied by The fossil exhibition, a virtual museum tour made at the same time. These two games were designed as a two-part experience, so please play Fossils first, and go check out the exhibition after!


Fossils is my third game revolving around the chinese and japanese narrative structure called kishoutenketsu (起承転結). You can try the first two games here (if you like fishing) and here (if you like labyrinths).

Use the arrows to move and press Z to cancel your last action.

Have a nice play !


If you enjoyed the game and can afford it, please consider donating : for 1 dollar, you will be able to download the HTML file and the source code of the game, to play it whenever and wherever you want, and you will help me make other games in the future.


If you want to follow my future things, you can follow me on Twitter : @HeskHwis


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Fossils - Standalone Edition 177 kB

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